Village of Gveleti

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The village of Gveleti situated on the left bank of the River Devdoraki. This region has been inhabited for millennia, and Gveleti is renowned for the archeological finds made in 1882. The important collection of Late Antiquity and Early Medieval Age treasures includes jewelry and pins, and is now preserved in the St Petersburg Hermitage If you look across to the right bank and into Devdoraki Gorge, you will see a heart-shaped lake, appropriately called the “Lake of Love”.   

Cross Gveleti Bridge and proceed along the left bank of the river for another two kilometres. Here you can take footpaths to two impressive waterfalls; the bigger one is known locally as “The Bride”. On the walk to see the waterfalls up close, you will come across the ruins of a rectangular tower, surviving from the Late Middle Ages.

Follow the asphalt road North again; cross the bridge, but do not pass through the tunnel. On the left side you will see an icon of Saint George in a special recess. This icon was blessed by the Patriarch and transported from the Holy Church of Saint George in Mleti. If Pilgrims are unable to reach Mleti church, they can instead pray and light candles at this icon.

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