Travedding in Rancho Pansheti

2023-09-03 0 comments kazbegi

On July 7 Rancho Pansheti became the main location of the Art Expedition, the guests  were happily involved in the process of doing khinkali and preparing other dishes. tasted aromatic chacha and discussed about  local traditional cousine.  An extraordinary sunny and colorful day was added to the memorable diary of Art Expedition. A young host family develops a small character space to revive the mountain, restore traditions, promote and create unforgettable impressions for visitors.

Kazbegi Local Development Group would like to thank the warm and interesting family of Rancho Pansheti  for their hospitality and wish them success.

✔️ The project is financially supported by the European Union, within the framework of the "Creative Mountains" project.
#creativemountains #travedding

photography : Jakub Antypenko

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