Shepherds' Day was celebrated in Kazbegi Municipality

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As part of the "Creative Mountains" project, Shepherds' Day was celebrated in Kazbegi Municipality on August 13. Visitors could walk aound the exhibition space, meet local riders, see traditional equipment and share the experiences of elders.
Within the framework of Shepherds' Day, significant attention was focused to the horse race with the participation of local riders, first of all, the traditional table "Tabla" was prepared, the elders blessed the riders, wished them a peaceful competition and blessed the road. Later, a competition of Kazbegi working dogs was conducted. Traditionally, having loyal, brave, strong and, most importantly, very intelligent dogs was of special importance in the life and work of shepherds. The purpose of the competition was to emphasize the importance of this tradition, to appreciate the work of shepherds and to strengthen the motivation of young people. As you know, breed dog breeding is a culture and it needs to be taken care of, Kazbegi working dog is more or less found in sheep herding and cattle breeding.
After the horse race and the working dog competition, the participants were awarded.

✔️ The project is financially supported by the European Union, within the framework of the "Creative Mountains" project.
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