Tamo Shiolashvili's photo interview

2018-01-16 0 comments kazbegi

interesting photo interview with you and we will introduce you to the volunteer of Kazbegi Action group.

Tamo Shiolashvili is a professional designer, a member of Lag Kazbegi and is now a beneficiary. Decided to make a hobby profession and present a business idea in the grant competition, which means setting up a handcraft salon in his native home, creating clothes and accessories for women and men. His works were presented to young designers' festivals in Baku and Bulgaria.

Tamo Shiolashvili is volunteering in LAG Kazbegi's fundraising team activities and has interesting plans for the future.

Every day the gift from God for you. Every day is a new chance to do something new. Reveal your eyes every day hopefully, set goals, fight and do everything in real life. Do your business honestly and honestly. Do not scare the criticism. Overcome these things and never stop moving your dreams and never give them up. All this will strengthen you. All this will make you stronger to make your dreams true. Every day, every minute, every second is important in our lives. Life is wonderful, While we often make mistakes, we often feel pain, often we are disappointed and troubled by problems.

Never give up your dreams and every day when you wake up stronger everything will be fine. I'll be able to do that. We're studying from every mistake. Every great pain is followed by great joy. Every person has a role in our life. Help people with everything you can. Everyone has the right to love and appreciate them. Kindness, that's what makes us happy. Be happy with your life. Live today, express your feelings because you do not know whether it's a tomorrow or not. Do good, fight for dignity, dream, love, and live.

Tamo Shiolashvili

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