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The Kazbegi Local Action Group starts a new activity and will periodically provide photo interviews of interesting people.

Our first respondent was 23 years old Ninia Asatiani - Energetic, interesting, motivated and smile Ninaia from Kachreti Ambassador.

Nino is her name from sister, but in the age 2 she changed name herself as Ninia. It was the necessary condition for her to go to the garden to have sweet Tofita in her pocket. The child was willing to be a waiter, a pilot, a sailor, a restaurateur, a printer and many more and a strange abduction. From 13 years, Ninia's nomadic life starts with the hiking, adventures and love of nature. Along with his relative went to Khevsureti, and for now NInia and her friend Anano go together in the mountains and share the emotions with friends at the tent of the evening.

After graduating from the University, she passed to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Iliauni and graduated from the University of Kakheti's Vocational College "Aisi", where she continues to study her favorite activities. During the 23-month training program, 3 months will work in the wine factory for practical knowledge.

"I wanted to learn winemaking, not only to go through the course of the sommelier but also to know wine from the vineyard to the wine tasting. With my studies, I thought about my income and came to Kachreti Ambassador for work. I have a complicated day regime, working hours starting at 6:30 in the morning, ending at 4 and going to college. I am getting a little bit tired but I do not like to say that. 23 months training course and last 3 months I will have a practice in the factory, I am happy to work in the factory, and then I want to build a vineyard with my own resources. I like the variety of grapes and I have not decided yet. People often say to me: If you were born in the village, you would have to turn to the city but I do not think it would be like the city's mess I prefer to live in peace, I think life is healthy and more interesting. "

What would you do in the mountains where there is no grapes?

I understand that living in the mountains is difficult, but you should try to use your own capabilities, create your own world and work with your own hands, May there is no big source of income but happiness is more important than money. I had to find out the way I would work, I know exactly I would not go from village to the city.

What do you recommend from your point of view?

Maybe you cannot get a lot of money but you should do something that makes you happy, I advise young people to think so much about what they can do, by their own hands, their efforts and their efforts to avoid life. I personally want to do something that I'm doing, I want to have a land, even with berries and raspberries I can still be family in a narrow circle, then if I go to the tourists and to see my farm, I will be happy to taste my prepared food.

I visit friends in Tbilisi. I am here at the end of the morning; I have a bike or hurry if it is running. After the service, I go to college, work at home, play guitar, watch a movie or try to study.

How do you imagine yourself and your life after 10 years?

I will have a house, a vineyard, I will live in a village near Tbilisi, and I will try to get my family into the village. I will start with a cow and chick and slowly. It is hard to say what will happen after 10 years, not long before I found myself in Kachreti where I would have lived here and I would work here, but today I am happy. It is sad when people are running from the village to the city, such a rich land is unproductive, resource remains untouched and work in the city is just a waste of time for livelihood. I advise young people to return to the village and create their own work and environment in which they feel happy.

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