Nanuka's photo-interview

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Kazbegi Local Action Group offers short stories of local volunteers as photo interviews.

Nanuka's profession is psychology, she joined Kazbegi local development group as volunteers from this summer and now she is a coordinator of the projects. 23 years Nanuka is motivated to do her best for region.
Meet Nanuka Avasajanishvili.

People love to plan the future, our wishes and dreams come together in the future plans and if you are willing to do everything you can to reach the goal. But sometimes our beautifully laid plans change and find that even the change of the place changes our world altogether. I was focused on getting my experience with my profession and I was completely uninformed in the environment that changed my life ... Working with local people in Kazbegi is happiness, and their strict nature is more like the warmth of others. My first project, which I have participated in, is the weekly farmer's festival in Kazbegi. This project gave me an opportunity to meet farmers, to see their everyday activities, to understand their wishes and thoughts and finally to appreciate their work. Instead, we gave them the opportunity to make their products and sell them on a weekly basis. All of this reminded me of the old time-Meet local people in the center of Kazbegi and arrange fairs. Therefore, we want to restore old tradition in the ravine and to promote the popularization of natural products. Although we met many difficulties and there were moments when I lost hope, because the local farmers have the highest quality products and the demand is so large that they could no longer be able to serve other people through the market only. Farmers were also not interested in producing their products and offering themselves. In spite of all this, I could not give up because I felt great support from my group. On October 7th, when we officially opened the the Fermer's Festival, the weather was also very nice and we had a wonderful morning. I was looking at the glacier and we started to grow up and we started ... My friendly and warm team members made me apron, tear tents, collected farmer's products, and hosted the Dusheti farmers club and . Standing on the shore and selling the local farmer''s products and their support was so fun and pleasant that the day was over with the exaggerated emotions. When I saw the crowds gathered together, buying each other's products and looking at the eyes, smiling faces, my heart was happy. At the end of the day, when I felt tired, I met one of the farmer's friend who told me "I'm happy to see you!" I realised that I have done my best on this event for my people. I went home, I sat down and remembered my childhood when I was staring at the pumpkin in the evening and our flowers with my grandmum, and I realized that if you find a suitable environment, the people who are happy to find the place that only makes good memories and thoughts in you all is enough to be happy!!!

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