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Kazbegi Local Action Group continues to get acquainted with photo interviews. This time you will get familiar with Irina Sujashvili, manager of the fundraising team of LAG Kazbegi.

The lawyer by profession, and the student of master degree in the SEU has been actively involved in the development activities of the group from this summer, successfully co-ordinated the field of entrepreneurship school and is now working on fundraising.

Irina's photo interview with her personal experience and motivation ...

Maybe you too, like me, often say, "My future is a different way ahead of me", "Nothing comes out" "," I'm unsuccessful ", and often it's all about the star of fate. For the environment, for those people who have more motivation than us and me. On the background of someone else's achievements, it is difficult to get your own failure. We are constantly looking for reasons that are justified, we can do everything we can to "victims" rather than "losers".

Finally, we wrestle with so much emotional background and then…

Maybe you can get rid of it but in reality everything is simpler, I'll tell you my story!

When I was studying at the university, I often had a sense of fear and expectation of the future. What should I do after graduation? Where I could start career career, I often thought that it was not my job, and quite often, it seemed too high for me to have a vacant place with my potential.

I did not have a university so I decided to start searching where to get the experience that I wanted in the service. But I knew and had a healthy ambition to achieve goals set in my life. My ambition was not to be a particular professor, I just wanted to have my business, and most importantly I was thinking only in a narrow profile. In my private working room and in the mess of documents around. That was my mistake!

For the first time when I understand about  an office of "People  In Need", I just went in search of fate. That's where radical change of my consciousness started! The root change of my world view! I found an environment where they can feel happy in spite of many difficulties, despite the fact that any experience, I dared and got challenges, the relationship I had with children who have experienced a range of ideas in their mind, mothers having many children, who are looking for hearing  any kind of new information, an extremely well-educated person together. Although I did not understand what the term "fundrising" meant, I did not understand what the Financial expenditure, narrative report, food safety, donor and many other term … I couldn’t think that it was wrong place, but it was really what is needed and defended for me.

I can say that this job and the team there show real needs, costs, support, team and I realized that I am a lawyer! Yes, a lawyer, except for the interpretation of laws, except the criminal code of the criminal code can do everything! You can become a financier, manager, coordinator, learn any issues that interest you! I had the opportunity to see if I could do it for me to be able to afford it for a long time, with motivation, thinking and plans that I had to go there!

And I will speak loudly today, wherever I go, the main thing is motivation! Which means movement is aimed at the goal. Motivation in psychology is the start of the psychic and physical activities, the direction and management of their direction.

People who have a certain kind of motivation have different results in life. They have: their own successful career, interesting life, brave steps in life, respect for people around you who develop. Feeling of satisfaction, energeticness, humility, positive attitude towards life, people, belief in self and abilities. Most importantly, independence and freedom.

The lack of motivation generates fundamental problems such as:

Dissatisfaction with your own affairs, problems with close people, because they expect decisive steps, sadness, sadness, and routine lifestyle, resentment, resentment towards life, constant irony towards those who live better than you, fears, distrust and self-reliance!

When you find all this in yourself, remember! You are a unique person and you can build your life slowly. There is no successful man without fail, it is important to not give up. Do what you bring to the goal, forget laziness. Do not be sorry for the mistake. Get rid of mistakes as a gift, learn about them. In addition, this is another proof that you are trying to do something. Believe in yourself and your thinking. What you think will be implemented. Create a few minutes picture of what you want in the future. It's a daily sweep to the mind to change life for the better. This does not happen all at once, so do not drop. 

Receive yourself in terms of dignity and defect. Always express your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Negative energy destroys health, diminishes self-esteem not to listen to people, the main thing you want is what you want.Activate yourself and blame yourself for crushed dreams. When you get back your faith, you get everything done. Do not look for any guaranty.

Just try it!

And finally always remember:

"When it's hard, I always remember myself that if I am surrender, I'll never be better."

Wayne Gretski

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