LAG Kazbegi workshop in Telavi

2017-05-22 0 comments kazbegi

Grant competition for supporting socio-economic initiatives in Kazbegi municipality is underway through the Czech NGO "PIN" and the European Development Program (ENPARD) funded by the European Union.

Within the working visit, LAG Kazbegi's team dedicated a meeting to discuss the issue. A decision was made on the projects that have overcome all previous phases and are in line with the Kazbegi Development Strategy and each of them meets the criteria for submission and implementation of the project.

Successful ideas presented at the ongoing grant competition should significantly improve the economic and social situation of the Khevi population, promote employment and provide business operators with motivation to use part of their resources to improve the quality of life of the locals.

Kazbegi Development Group expresses gratitude to all participants for active involvement in the grant competition and wishes success in their implementation and development.

The second part of the meeting was devoted to the planning of further development of Kazbegi Development Group, distribution of tasks between team members and analysis of desired results.

The funding for LAG Kazbegi is an important task for the current stage. Taking into account the needs of Khevi, it is actively working on the number of engagement in various grant competitions.

At the meeting the current grant competition was discussed at the international level as well. Members of Lag Kazbegi will be able to contribute to the problems in the Kazbegi region in order to get involved in this marathon and funding.

After reviewing the current competitions, the idea of generating ideas and identification of needs, distribution of the tasks between the members was planned, the further work format was planned and the team will be able to find funding for the development of Kazbegi.

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