meeting of the thematic groups in the LAG Kazbegi

2017-12-10 0 comments kazbegi

On December 9, a meeting of the thematic groups in the LAG Kazbegi was held. The aim of the meeting was to select coordinators among the thematic groups.

The format of the workshop included the nominate candidates, the analysis of the work, the future plans and the working format. Kazbegi Local Action Group has created three main thematic groups in tourism, rural and community activities.

Each group will work in a specific direction, develop a strategy, plan specific activities, examine public opinion, analyze the needs, challenges of the region and develop an action plan in response to these challenges.

After analyzing the vision of candidates secret ballot was held on the basis of which were revealed in the group coordinators, the voting results are as follows: tourism working group voted Shota Bazali, a group of agricultural will be coordinated by Roland Kobaidze, and working of ublic group will be organized by Tamriko Siolashvili.

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