The three-day workshop of the Kazbegi Development Group was hosted by The Community Union "Nukriani"

2017-05-22 0 comments kazbegi

The three-day workshop of the Kazbegi Development Group (LAG Kazbegi) has been interesting and fruitful in Kakheti.

The Community Union "Nukriani" - "Nukriani Workshops" is one of the programs of Nukriani Community, with the initiative and sharing experience with the group members.

The workshop was created in 2007 and is enthusiastically trying to establish a place and thus give a little bit of flexibility to the women living in the workshop; Workshops are considered Social enterprise; The members of the union were involved in the workshops, realized the possibility of studying their hands and had a small income; Workshops are based on a completely civil initiative. Workshop is manufactured by FEC products; Quilts: quilt products; Spinning baskets and most importantly dolls !!!!

These handmade products are already sold in the foreign market, in Germany and France, as well as the distractions and the exhibition to sell.

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