“ Second round Business Project Preparation trening “ on march 11-12.

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Czech non-governmental organization "PIN" and the EU rural development program (ENPARD) is being implemented municipality of Kazbegi. Within the project LAG Kazbegi team organized “ Second round Business Project Preparation trening “ on march 11-12.

The trainer –Ana Katamidze delivered business proposal writing training for LAG Kazbegi Grant scheme second round applicants. Attendees were introduced to full business project from and the ways of its filling.

The training considered main details during full proposal writing such as seasonality of businesses connected to tourism, businesses influence on environment, main risks, and right delivering of information about business and PR issues, market assessment needs, financial issues-budget planning and realization. Three different business projects were discussed with applicants as practical exercises. Dentist cabinet, milk and cheese processing, souvenir making...

Last hour of meeting was dedicated to questions from applicants. They asked about co-finance issues, second-hand equipment procurement, family business definition and its main problems.

Follow up activities: • The applicants were informed about the deadline of full business project delivering - 31th of March 2017. • Applicants were offered to have additional individual consultation with trainer during their project writing process. Individual consultations will take part on March 18 and 19, 2017 in Stephantsminda

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