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2017-04-27 0 comments kazbegi

PIN branding contractor representative – Akaki Chkhaidze hold meeting on 25.04.2017 in PIN Kazbegi office.

The aim of the meeting was discussing directions of draft strategy, creating Kazbegi brand logo and slogan and generally capacity building in branding issues. 

Akaki Chkhaidze introduced activity plan and important topics like:  

- Branding importance
- Kazbegi branding – attendees admitted that there already is positive basis for this, and this basis could be considered in future plans
- Creating corporative design which includes logotype with its elements: color, design, logo, shrift…That is main source of identification
- LAG involvement in creating brand and strategy drafting
- Reviewing existing brands as examples 
- Discussing brand as investment its first stage

Kazbegi LAG members were informed that LTD Brandsellence is going to implement activities during 2-month period, including drafting strategy and logo creating.

Follow up activity: Two visits are planned for Kazbegi branding, first for area study and introduction and another for different idea considering such as local products, services, offers and etc.

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