Kazbegi Young Walkers - Gveleti waterfall

2017-10-06 0 comments kazbegi

With the support of "Orbeliani Georgia" Kazbegi Local Action Group is implementing the project Kazbegi Young Walkers.

The participants and volunteers were camped on September 23 near the Gveleti waterfall. The field event included sharing skills, technical support, introductory and psychological games for participants.

The goal of the project is to develop close relationships with pupils in the region, active support for integration into the society and popularize the promotion of a healthy, active and lifestyle in a new generation. The initiative of the Kazbegi Local Development Group serves to achieve this goal and is actively working on creating new groups and planning routes.

A group of volunteers call local youth to participate in active engagement, generating ideas, team meetings and hiking. LAG Kazbegi volunteers are grateful of Orbeliani Georgia to support the Youth Initiative.

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