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Local Action Group (LAG Kazbegi) has interesting and pleasant news, participation in the grant competition announced by the Georgian NGO "Orbeliani Georgia" has been successful and the idea "Kazbegi Young Walkers" is supported. The cooperation agreement has been signed and the inverter needed to implement the idea is already at the disposal of local volunteers.

The most important thing is the idea that we are so proud of: the project idea "KAZBEGI YOUNG WALKERS" implies the establishment of close relationships between the pupils of the region and the integration of the society. It serves to change the lifestyle of young people in Kazbegi region, adapt them to the region and get closer to each other. We want to encourage young people to actively study and coexist with their socially representative and then co-existent children from other regions, which is very important for multinational, multi-ethnic and diverse Georgian society. A team of local volunteers has developed a program that includes the schoolchildren 's hikes specifically specified and pre-agreed activities and day schedule. The target group is 6,7,8,9 students of local schools. Arrangement of regular and outdoor tours for 1 and 2 day groups of 10 people is planned.

Now it is important to inform the local population and their interest.

Be a volunteer, join and make life interesting in your region.

Anyone can have an opportunity to participate in the organizational as well as the willingness to participate

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