General Assembly meeting On December 23, 2017

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On December 23, 2017 Kazbegi Local Action Group held a General Assembly meeting. The meeting was attended by members of LAG Kazbegi, interested persons and representatives of the hotel ROOMS KAZBEGI.

The workshop format included the review of the grant competition 2015-2017, evaluation of the process, analysis of deficiencies, agreement on future nuances, generating ideas.

At the meeting, local action group manager Shorena Sujashvili focused on the LAG membership, importance of the members' engagement, the planned activities and the attendees were able to apply the application and agree to join the group. The second part of the meeting was dedicated to analyse priorities of subgroups! Coordinators Roland Kobaidze, Tamrico Shiolashvili and Shota Basali presented the priorities generated by each team, listened to the assessments of the attendees and received recommendations, and also planned some works that are necessary to determine the priorities and prepare the document before the grant competition.

Next Meeting will be held in January, where the priorities will be discussed once more and will eventually be developed in the direction of the development of the region and they will be given the advantage in the planned grant competition.

The final document will be available for interested persons and the leading guide for each beneficiary participating in the grant competition.

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