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On October 25-28, Kazbegi Local Local Action Group visited Latvia to find partners and cooperation with another LAGs.

Within the working visit, LAG Kazbegi was presented at the Entrepreneurial Evening in the context of future cooperation and experience sharing. At the meeting the work specifics, scope, offer and expectation of each entrepreneur was discussed.

They also emphasized the cooperation of local action groups with the municipality and unanimously recognized the need for a strategy: "Work without strategy is the same as the house without foundation" was mentioned at the meeting !

The visit of Kazbegi Local Action Group in Latvia included the following activities:

  • Meeting with the LAG council. Information on implementation of LEADER in the territory, cooperation with the local governments, businesses people, non-governmental sector
  • Meeting with the leaders of the local governments, businesses people. Information on tourism service offers, the LEADER projects.
  • Information about the local product related to tourism
  • Dinner with representatives of the Liepaja Regional Partnership Council. Information on development of rural tourism in Grobina district, meeting with local government representatives.
  • Visit to Riga region, Ropazi disrict, LAG “Ropazi Garkalne partnership”. The main business sectors are forestry, transport, agriculture, manufacturing, and services.
  • Businessmen's evening. Event for local entrepreneurs, in which the municipality and LAG inspiring and informing local entrepreneurs.
  • Meeting with Garkalne county Municipality and Ropazi County Municipality Representatives. Implementation of LEADER projects (including infrastructure projects), cooperation with entrepreneurs, youth employment, etc.
  • Meeting with the owner of the sports complex “333”. Implementation of LEADER projects, cooperation. Youth employment.
  • Work session on the activities of the planned project "Traditional crafts and home production traditions and skills of the ancient times and their implementation today. Economic strengthening of the territory."
  • Meeting with the entrepreneur, implementing the LEADER project in business, exploring the project.
  • Visiting Ropaži, NGO projects of LEADER in Ropaži.

The main goal of the working visit is to disseminate information about Kazbegi local development group, bearers of partners, share existing experiences, implement common projects, recommendations and rational use of the region’s potential. The common interests of the parties are determined and the work continues to practice with future co-operation, exchange of ideas and implementation of joint projects.

The interest of the parties is to develop the overall concept of tourism in the direction of planning handicrafts, culture, traditional dishes, and agriculture and youth projects.

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