"CITY GAME" in Kazbegi

2017-10-06 0 comments kazbegi

On the 1st of September, the local action group LAG Kazbegi's youth wing  organized  the "CITY GAME" in the village Achchkhoti Kazbegi district , the idea was laid out in the camp organized by Gerardt, in the age group of 14-25 young people engaged in treasure hunt Winner team was awarded with prize and all participants were awarded thanks certificate.

The concept of a youth group is supported by the locav action group Kazbegi (LAG Kazbegi). Participants special thanks to Ms. Shorena Sujashvili, on and at the same time it should be noted ,, gergarti's " each member's contribution to this exciting activity in terms of implementation. "City game" was organized by Natuka Tsiklauri, Aleksandre Kukishvili and Gujou Geladze.

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