The members of the agricultural thematic group met each other.

2017-12-10 0 comments kazbegi

On December 7, the members of the agricultural thematic group met each other.

The meeting was attended by 5 members of the group and one of them was nominated by the Coordinator of the Group.

The mentioned candidate, Roland Kobaidze, introduced his vision to the strategy and future plans. He also emphasized important issues on which to work. These include: 1) branding of local products; 2) Field visits for sharing experience; 3) Trainings; 4) bio production orientation; 5) Production of new preparations. After that, all five members unanimously chose Roland Kobaidze as coordinator of the Agriculture Group.

The group has decided to make equal distribution of responsibilities and, due to the fact that the thematic groups are the lowest among the members of the group, they are ready to continue to work more and more responsibly.

They talked about perspectives of agriculture, got acquainted with priority tasks and worked out the specificity of how to cooperate with local farmers.

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